Like countless others before him, photographer, artist and filmmaker Karsten Staiger fell in love with New York City the moment he arrived.

Seduced by the beauty of NYC’s skyline, Staiger has since adventured and scaled more than 100 buildings, risking his life to capture the City’s magnetic personality through photography and film.

Born in Germany, Staiger launched his career at the forefront of the digital revolution when it first emerged in the 1990s, achieving success as an artist and commercial photographer for luxury brands and major corporations, including Hugo Boss, DeBeers and Nextel. With Staiger regularly retreating to the rooftops for creative refuge, his growing fascination with the City’s dynamic skyline would eventually evolve into a primary pursuit for discovering those hidden, unexplored angles of the city – views unseen from the street-level. Already a master of complex lighting and technology, his obsession with the extreme juxtaposition between light, weather patterns and the textured cityscape revealed at dizzying heights ultimately led him to shift his lens towards the City. For more than two decades Staiger remains a pioneer of cutting-edge camera technology, producing elegant images in extremely high resolution.

His accomplished body of work has attracted collaborations with notable New Yorkers, among them John Varvatos, Misty Copeland, and Living Colour. In April 2016, the German Consulate General celebrated New York Love Story, his ode to the city he now calls home. Shortly thereafter he launched his From New Heights digital installation at 1 World Trade Center at the John Varvatos opening reception, marking the first time an artist has exhibited inside the Oculus. He resides on the board of the nonprofit multimedia performance organization The Way of The Rain, and is ambassador to WhiteWall, the leading German laboratory for digital printing.

Karsten Staiger invites you to experience the magical moments he has documented over the last decade in New York Love Story. Explore the extraordinary, expansive collection of iconic architectural imagery and artistic portraits, culminated from his passionate homage to NYC. His forthcoming documentary, shot over the span of a decade, is an extension of his still photography, drawing from breathtakingly precarious footage taken from rooftops and window-washing rigs of some of the tallest skyscrapers in the world. Staiger’s bird’s eye perspective creates a powerful backdrop to exclusive, intimate conversations with celebrities, residents, workers, and the growing movement of free climbers compelled to scale NYC’s towers like an urban Everest. What started as a creative refuge has evolved into a complex patchwork of storytellers, expressing their love for one of the most captivating cities in the world.